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Tour To IRAN (Package 5)

 Incoming Tour To IRAN (Package 5)

Persian Journey

Duration : 12 days
Itinerary : Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Na’in, Isfahan, Abyaneh, Kashan, Tehran 

 Day 1: Arrive Tehran  Check-in to your hotel and the afternoon is yours to explore. (D)

  • Day 2: Tehran – A full day of sightseeing is planned of this truly unique capitol city. (B)
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Carpet Museum
  • Glass and Ceramics Museum
  • Day 3: Tehran & Shiraz – After breakfast we finish the last of our tour of Tehran before heading to the domestic airport in the late afternoon short flight to Shiraz. (B)
  • Sa'd Abad Museum Complex
  • Day 4: Persepolis & Shiraz – We will proceed with a tour of Persepolis before returning back to the city for a little bit of sightseeing. (B)
  • Half day tour of Persepolis Complex (UNESCO Site)
  • Rock tombs of Naqsh-e Rajab & Naqsh-e Rostam
  • Karim Khan Citadel
  • Day 5: Shiraz – Known for its splendid gardens, exquisite mosques and famous poets we continue touring the sites of this famous city.(B)
  • Tombs of Hafez and Sa`adi
  • Eram Garden (UNESCO Site)
  • Vakil Mosque & Bazzar
  • Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque
  • Madraseh-ye Khan
  • Jameh-ye Atigh Mosque
  • Imamzadeh-ye Ali Ebn-e Hamze shrine
  • Day 6: Pasargadae / Yazd – A short drive first takes us to the ruins of Pasargadae before continuing on to Yazd which0is said to be one of the oldest cities in the world. (B)
  • Pasargadae – Tomb of Cyrus (UNESCO Site)
  • Towers of Silence burial grounds
  • Day 7: Yazd – The old quarter of Yazd is famous for its textiles and carpets, with many little alleys to wander and explore. (B)
  • Yazd – Jameh Mosque
  • Amir Chakhmaq Complex
  • Zoroastrian Fire Temple
  • Day 8: Na'in / Isfahan – After leaving Yazd for the jewel of ancient Persia, Isfahan is one of the finest cities in the Islamic world. After checking into our hotel we can visit its famous bridges at sunset. (B)
  • Na'in - Caravanserai Abbasid
  • Na'in Jameh Mosque
  • Weaving workshop in the village of Mohammadieh
  • Zayandeh River Bridges (Si-o-seh & Khaju Bridges)
  • Days 9-10: Isfahan – Isfahan is a place for savouring the high refinements of Persian culture and getting lost in its old bazaar. (2B)
  • Imam Square (UNESCO Site)
  • Ali Qapu Palace & Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Chehel Sotun Palace (UNESCO Site)
  • Vank Cathedral Museum
  • Day 11: Abyaneh / Kashan / Tehran – On the way back to Tehran we stop in Kashan for a tour of this historic city that dates back over 6000 years. (B)
  • Abyaneh village tour
  • Fin Garden (UNESCO Site)
  • Khan-e Borujedi
  • Day 12: Tehran and Depart – After breakfast you are free to depart anytime. (B)


Group Departure Dates

  • 24-Aug-14– 4-Sep-14Cancelled
  • 21-Sep-14– 2-Oct-14Fully Booked
  • 19-Oct-14– 30-Oct-14Fully Booked
  • 16-Nov-14– 27-Nov-14Closed
  • 11-Jan-15– 22-Jan-15Closed
  • 25-Jan-15– 5-Feb-15Closed
  • 15-Feb-15– 26-Feb-15Closed
  • 1-Mar-15– 12-Mar-15Closed
  • 19-Apr-15– 30-Apr-15Closed
  • 3-May-15– 14-May-15Closed
  • 31-May-15– 11-Jun-15Closed
  • 19-Jul-15– 30-Jul-15Closed
  • 23-Aug-15– 3-Sep-15Closed
  • 20-Sep-15– 1-Oct-15Closed
  • 18-Oct-15– 29-Oct-15Closed
  • 15-Nov-15– 26-Nov-15Available
  • 20-May-16– 31-May-16Available
  • 20-Jun-16– 1-Jul-16Available
  • 10-Sep-16– 21-Sep-16Available
  • 5-Oct-16– 16-Oct-16Available
  • 1-Nov-16– 11-Nov-16Available

Tour Details & Prices

  • Group Size:  Min 4 – Max 20
  • Meals:
    11 breakfasts, 1dinner
  • Accommodation:
    4 star hotels
  • Transport:
    Chartered bus, flight


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