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  • ANDIA SEIR Co. Ltd. Reg. No. 441274 has been established to offer Air Travel & Tourism Services. Afterwards, upon membership and cooperation with Chambers of Commerce. Offering services to members and interacting with the technical exhibition curators were also added to list of our services. The company enjoying highly experienced and motivated staff, has managed to assign to itself a small portion of the great and expansive tourism market especially in south eastern Asian countries.
  • Presently, we are a member of TEHRAN Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines (TCCIM) as well as IRAN Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mines (ICCIM) and also Member of the IRAN-SPAIN Business Council (ISBC). The company runs offices in TAIWAN&HONG KONG through whose assistance getVISA for travelers and arranges and organize touristic excursions. ANDIA SEIR has played a crucial role in dispatching Iranian experts, mangers and entrepreneurs to the professional fairs held in these two countries.
  • WE are the authorized representative of TAIWAN External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) in IRAN, by getting E-VISA for our applicants intending to visit exhibitions in Taiwan. we hereby facilitate the process of receiving Taiwan visa and consequently they won't have to travel to the neighboring countries and will save their time and money.
  • In the recent years, we have managed to assist many tours to Taiwan in order to attend various fairs, including: COMPUTEX, TAITRONICS, AMPA, MOTORCYCLE, TAIPEI PLAS, TITAS & MEDICARE. Due to fact, large number of our clients have always been applying to attend the technical TDC FAIRS.
  • Since Hong Kong and Taiwan do not have an embassy in Iran, some official steps and bureaucratic procedures, which the nationals of the concerned countries need to go through, are normally hindered. They will also incur extra expenses as a result. Meanwhile, ANDIA SEIR offers services on Opening Bank Accounts, Registering Companies, Legal Consultancy, etc… Thanks to its background experience on these grounds.
  • Since some years ago, we started to promote the fairs attraction and Sending visitors for various fairs in HONG KONG such as Gem & Jewelry, Electronics, Construction, Food Industry, Fashion, etc... Fortunately, thus far, we have managed to assist 2000 business and touristic trips to Hong Kong and 500 ones to Taiwan.
  • Organizing tours to MACAU, which is an attractive and pleasing destination for tourists. This is another one of ANDIA SEIR's area of expertise. We sent our largest tour to the destinations of Hong Kong and Macau on the last New Year's holiday with 87 tourists.
  • The company has also specialized in planning and organizing INCOMING TOURS TO IRAN for purposes of Tourism, Business Negotiations, Meeting and Conferences with Iranian Business Owners and Great & well-known Entrepreneurs. For instance, a large number of visitors from CHINA, TAIWAN, HONG KONG visited different cities in Iran, such as TEHRAN, SHIRAZ, MASHHAD, TABRIZ, ISFAHAN… in order to present their products and services.
  • Upon the request of foreign nationals intending to VISIT IRAN individually or as a group, we offer close Consultation, Itinerary& Price list with regard to their duration of stay in Iran.

As the last word, we declare that we are willingly waiting to receive your comments and advice on our shortcomings.

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