Arrival in Tehran IKIA

Transfer to hotel for a short rest and refreshment. Then the tour starts by going to Sa’d Abad collection of palaces. Visiting at least three palaces inside this huge garden-museum constructed during first Shah of Pahlavi. Afterwards, the group will be taken to bazaar to have food and also see one of the museums nearby (Iran Bastan or Crown Jewelry or Carpet museum). Overnight stay in Tehran.

Day 2: Getting a panoramic view of Tehran before going to Kashan

Day tour starts by taking travelers to Milad tower which has become Tehran icon for a decade now. They will be able to see a modern edifice as well as see the whole capital of Iran from above of the tower. The tour continues by getting on road to reach Kashan. Once in Kashan, travelers will visit Fin Garden, Tabatabaii House and Noosh-abad underground city. Manouchehri house within the older parts of the city is a fantastic restored house where travelers can see carpet-weaving traditions revitalized. Overnight stay in Kashan.


Day 3: Driving to Isfahan via Abyaneh

On the way to Isfahan, the touristic village of Abyaneh is not to be missed. This village is literally an alive museum of very old Persian lifestyle. Inhabitants of Abyaneh wear very special local costumes and have their very own way of cooking food. The texture of the village is also outstanding. Driving to Isfahan, the lunch will be served in a traditional restaurant in Armenian neighborhood. Vank church and Atashgah hill will be the two sights for today’s tour in Isfahan to see the versatility of religions in this touristic town. Walking on some historical bridge will be the termination point for today. Overnight stay in Isfahan.


Day 4: Full day tour of Isfahan

Naghsh-e-Jahan square is the first monument to be visited today. Shekh Lotfollah mosque, Abbasi mosque, Aali Qapu Palace and also Hasht behesht and Chehel Sotoon Palaces would come next. Food to be had in bazaar. Going to some carpet and jewelry sale shops will be the end point for today. Overnight stay in Isfahan.


Day 5: Seeing Jame’ Mosque before departing for Yazd via Naein and Meybod

Jame’ mosque, a UNESCO world heritage site, in Isfahan is counted as a collection of Islamic architecture complied here over more than one thousand years. The various parts of the mosque with super fancy mihrabs and arches have always impressed travelers. After seeing this, we head to east direction, toward Yazd. But on the way we will stop in Naein to see some desert architecture. Naein is a city of cisterns and mud-wall houses. Here we visit Nain Jame’ mosque, a highlight of Persian-Islamic architecture. Then we will get to Meybod, to see Narin Ghal’e, one of the oldest castles in Iran dating back to Sassanid era. Arriving in Yazd, Dowlat-abad garden will be the relaxation venue for finishing today. Overnight stay in Yazd.


Day 6: Full day tour of Yazd

Yazd is surrounded by tall mountains as well as vast deserts (Kavir-e-Lut and Dasht-e-Kavir). Its geographical features have shaped the very particular identity of this city, which claims biggest adobe city in the world. That is why we begin today with a walking tour among narrow allies of the old parts of Yazd. Moreover, Yazd is home to the biggest community of Zoroastrians in Iran today. Touring in Yazd oscillates from seeing Jame’ mosque of Yazd, Mir Chakhmagh complex and museum of water to Towers of silence and Zoroastrian restored fire temple. Alexander’s Prison is the last place to be visited for today.


Day 7: Chak Chak and then driving to Shiraz via Abarkouh and Pasargadae

 Deep in the desert in northwest of Yazd, Chak Chak is a Zoroastrian pilgrimage site which attracts thousands of pilgrims for an annual festival in June. After seeing this majestic fire-temple, we will head for Shiraz, but not very far from Yazd we will see 4000-year old cypresses in Abarkouh, a very ancient city. Moving more southward, Pasargadae is waiting to welcome the numerous travelers visiting Cyrus the Great tomb. Here we encounter the very first palaces built by Achameneids and the first concepts of Persian royal garden. Overnight stay in Shiraz.


Day 8: Full day tour of Shiraz

Visiting Hafez (or Sa’di) mausoleum as the start point of the tour. Karim-Khan citadel, Vakil mosque and bazaar, Khan school, fantastic Nasir (PINK) mosque, Narenjestan Ghavam, Atigh mosque, Shah Cheragh shrine, Eram Garden and Quran Gate will constitute our tour in Shiraz.

Day 9: Persepolis, Naghsh-e-Rostam and Naghsh-e-Rajab before going to airport for departure

The tour starts with an early-in-the-morning day trip to the glorious Persepolis at the heart of ancient Persia. Then Naghsh-e-Rostam (Necropolis) will be on the way where you can see mountain carvings with caves having corpses of Achamenied kings inside them many years ago. Naghsh-e-Rajab is a very tiny show compared to Persepolis and Necropolis but is definitely worth of visit now that you are trotting on Persian lands. Returning to Shiraz for going to airport.