Arrival in Shiraz airport (morning time)

Transfer to the hotel for a short rest and refreshment. Tour starts by going to Shiraz major highlights including Arg-e-Karimkhan, Vakil Mosque and Bazaar. Lunch would be served in a traditional restaurant here in bazaar to give travelers a taste of good Persian food on the first day. Then we’ll proceed to the other well-known sights in Shiraz old city, including Khan School, Nasir-al-molk Mosque, Narenjestan Ghavam, Atigh Mosque and ShahCheragh shrine. Overnight stay in Shiraz.

Day 2: Shiraz + day-trip to Qalat

The tour starts by going to Hafez (or Sa’di) mausoleum to read some poetry and relax in the calm environment there. Early visit to Jahan Nama and Eram gardens to see examples of Persian garden. Day-trip starts before noon-time to Qalat where travelers can see a touristic village with remnants of a community dating back to Safavid (16th century) era. Also a fabulous place to have lunch in one of the many restaurants in the old texture of the village. After lunch, they are taken to see a number of ravishing waterfalls and very beautiful mountains, which make Qalat a wonderful place for easy hiking and of course camping for locals. Going back to Shiraz, on the way to the hotel, they will be shown Quran gate. They’ll be free to spend some time here and enjoy the city view and take finish the day beside Khajoo Kermani (another famous poet) tomb. Overnight stay in Shiraz.


Day 3: Driving to Isfahan, via Marvdasht, Pasargad and Izadkhast

Visiting Persepolis and Naghsh-e-Rustam on the way to Isfahan will be the start of the Shiraz-Isfahan road-tour. These two monuments would take up to three hours of time to complete visiting, so lunch will be served in a nearby restaurant (Lane Tavoos). After lunch the tour would go even deeper in history by arriving in Pasargad, the birthplace of Achaemenids. After paying homage to Cyrus the Great, once again travelers will hop on the vehicle to the north direction. This time on the most northern tip of Fars province, we will show them a Sassanid era castle and a gorgeous valley in Izadkhast. These stops will give travelers a lot of fresh air and joy. Drive to Isfahan. Overnight stay in Isfahan.


Day 4: Full day tour of Isfahan

Day starts by taking travelers to the well-known Naghsh-e-Jahan square to visit Sheikh Lotfollah and Abbasi mosques, Aali Qapu palace and the bazaar. Chehel Sotoon and Hasht Behesht Palaces are the next two monuments to see here. This will, by and large, take one full day, but travelers will be also taken to Abbasi Hotel to have a tea and desserts break in a luxury and historical hotel. Overnight stay in Isfahan.


Day 5: Full day tour of Isfahan

Jame’ Mosque, a world heritage site is not to be missed. Travelers will be visiting this great collection of Islamic-Persian architecture and then will be taken to the Armenian corner of the city to visit Vank church as well as walk in the delightful Armenian neighborhood. Lunch to be served in a traditional restaurant. Afternoon visit to Atashgah, a Zoroastrian fire-place and also to Monarjonban to see shaking minarets where a famous Sufi is buried. Visiting and walking on some historical bridges (Si-o-Se Pol, Khaju or Shahrestan) will be the finishing chapter for this day. Travelers then will be given leisure time to explore for themselves. Overnight stay in Isfahan.


Day 6: Driving to Kashan via Abyaneh

After arrival in Abyaneh and seeing this unimaginably beautiful and genuine village, travelers are taken to walk within the village for leisure, photography and having food. Afternoon arrival in Kashan. Visiting Fin garden, Tabatabaii house and Sialk pre-historical hills are the activities to do in Kashan before going to the hotel. Overnight stay in Kashan.


Day 7: Touring Kashan before driving to Tehran

Kashan bazaar, bathhouse and Amin timcheh are the commencement of today’s tour. Walking in some very old allies will be then coupled with seeing a restored old Kashani house, called Manouchehri, where travelers can personally see the process of making carpets and even test their skills in weaving silk scarves and small carpets. Today travelers will also find a chance to visit a place that normally tourists skip in Kashan. That is Noosh-abad underground city which dates back to Mithraism era and is consisted of many chambers for a large number of people to live beneath the Earth surface. Moving to Tehran in the afternoon. Overnight stay in Tehran.


Day 8: Full day tour of Tehran

Sa’d abad makes a wonderful day-start (if open). We will visit at least three palaces inside this huge garden and residence venue of the belated Shah of Pahlavi. After this we will go to see bazaar and have lunch there. No need to say we have the option of going to the many museums in Tehran, which claim to contain objects peculiar to themselves only. These include Crown Jewelry Museum, Carpet Museum, Iran Bastan Museum and more. One of these museums will be shown to the group. Overnight stay in Tehran.


Day 9: Touring Tehran before departure 

It will be a nice idea to have a panoramic view of Tehran from above Milad tower, which has served to become Tehran icon. After this travelers will be taken to visit Golestan Palace known for its blend of architecture over history and also the thrones Qajar rulers once at upon. This will be the end point of the tours for travelers who will now fly out of Iran. Transfer to IKIA for departure.